Delicious Coffee With A Boost
After much consideration Hailey and I have decided to close Starship Coffee. With three kids and three businesses we just couldn't keep up with demand. We thank all our coffeenauts for your support over the past three years.

About Us


Above & Beyond

Our continuing mission is to explore strange new coffees, to seek out new beans and brew methods, to boldly go where no coffeenaut has gone before. We will continue to go above and beyond to get you delicious coffee with a boost and always in the right way for planet earth.

Earth Friendly

We source our beans from farms and importers who have similar desires to keep our planet healthy for years to come. Our packaging and labels are compostable (after you remove the tin tie) and we attempt to make the earth cleaner every day we do business.

Ignite Tastebuds

At Starship Coffee, we beam extra caffeine into your cup without losing the delicious taste of specialty coffee. We offer interesting blends and exotic beans that help your brain blast off. If you are ever dissatisfied, we will send you something new, free of charge.

Universal Transparency

You deserve to know where we source our products, how we do business, and how we roast our coffees. We are open, honest, and forthright with our employees, customers, and vendors.

Lightspeed Service

Our continuing mission is to delight every coffeenaut (customer) we come in contact through lightspeed service. We offer free shipping on orders over $75 and will ship all orders within 1 business day of purchase.

Meet our team

  • Hailey Footer


    Chief Executive Officer

    As the chief executive officer, Hailey creates, communicates, and implements the organization's vision, mission, and overall direction. Additionally, Hailey oversees our marketing and advertising, as well as maintains relationships with our loyal coffeenauts.

    For the Love of Coffee!

    Hailey's first memory of coffee was as a young child trying her dad's black coffee and vowing to never drink it again. It wasn't until high school where she found her love of coffee in the form of blended drinks. From there her palate started to develop and expand beyond the uber sugary drinks. After years of falling in love with coffee and the culture that comes with it, she decided to join forces with her husband Nick to create the best tasting coffee out there, with a boost. If she had to pick one coffee region to drink for the rest of her life it would be Sumatra, due to the amazing full body and sweet flavors the coffee from that region has.
  • Nick Footer


    Chief Operating Officer

    As the chief operating officer, Nick creates the overall business strategies and promotes culture and vision for the organization. Additionally, Nick oversees the day-to-day operations of the business ensuring the best process and methods are used in roasting to customer service.

    For the Love of Coffee!

    Nick's first memory of coffee is as a child watching his mom and dad drinking a dark bitter liquid he didn't want anything to do with. It wasn't until his adolescence when he was introduced to Starbucks sugary drinks and interesting atmospheres that Nick's coffee love began. Growing up in Portland offered Nick many different coffee experiences and his love of coffee grew each year. After learning about home roasting, he decided to learn more about the industry and roasting procedures. Nick still roasts coffee a few times a week on a Behmore. If he had to pick one coffee region to drink the rest of his life it would be Ethiopia due to the amazing natural processed coffees that come from the region.